Mission Critical

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Our leadership team has more than fifty years in the mission critical marketplace. From ground-up mega-data centers to 24/7 infrastructure upgrades, our team has executed it all. Our processes and standard operations are developed from continual improvement techniques honed over the years and by gleaning information from best practices across the country. The unique challenges that continually improving equipment provides fits within our expertise. Our goal continues to be achieving superior results with more cost-competitive and client-serving team.

Mission Critical Experience

• Data Centers
• Call Centers
• Command Centers
• Colocation Sites
• Microwave/Radio Tower Facilities
• Network Operation Centers
• Optic Transport Facilities
• Storage and Distribution Centers
• Switch Facilities
• Web-Hosting Telecom Sites

Mission Critical Projects

MSC DC Power Plant Upgrades

April 2, 2020

RTU Replacement Project

April 1, 2020

SOC Remodel

March 31, 2020

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